Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

Your Dog Can Get A Sunburn

It is true. Your doggie can get a sunburn, just like us humans.

You’d think with all that fur a canine would be protected. For the most part, dogs do have good natural UV protection. However, there are some exceptions:

  • White or light dog hair coats leave your dog sensitive to the sun.  Humans with light skin have a higher risk for sunburns and skin cancer.  The same is true for your pet.
  • Dogs with short hair cuts, or thinning hair due to age or the breed.  Less hair means less of the sun’s UV rays are blocked.
  • Dog nose skin does not have fur protection.
  • Tips of ears as well as underbelly and groin area have thin skin and sparse hair protection as well.  Dog ears tend to get sunburned after long periods in the sun.

It is best to be safe with your dog.  Follow best sun protection practices with your pet, which are similar to those for humans.

  • Shade is important.  Make sure your dog’s outside living arrangements include ample shade.
  • Make sure fresh water is available all the time.  Dogs need to hydrate to be able to sweat properly to remove body heat.
  • Use dog sunscreen.

Best Dog Sunblock, Sunscreen

Sunscreens made for humans can be toxic for pets.  Your doggie loves to lick I’m sure, and that human sunscreen will end up inside it’s system.

The best dog specific sunblock I’ve found is Sun Spray – Vet’s Best Sunscreen for Dogs.  Keep your dog safe and order a few bottles now so you have it handy when you need it.

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